MISS ROSE – or Life Goes on in Your Mind – by Marta Płońska – English version

MISS ROSE is rose because MISS ROSE is a girl. Being “just” a girl is not what MISS ROSE is dreaming of.

One colour doesn’t say it all

An art book for thinkers, for dreamers, for thinkers and dreamers.


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Miss Rose – Or Life Goes on in Your Mind – is an art and literary publishing project, allowing also psychological and philosophical readings. An unprecedented entry into the complex world of a teenage girl.

Marta Płońska graphic illustrations radiate a sensual and mysterious atmosphere that both surprises and questions. The cold and descriptive text presents a reality at the borders: between childhood and adult life, between experience and fiction. Based on a cliché less outdated than we would like (pink is what defines girls), the author suggests how illusory it is to pretend to understand what is going on in other people’s minds, particularly in that of a young girl.

Bogna Michalik, book designer and artist, took over the project and added, through a thoughtful design, several details that highlight and exacerbate the author’s point: she “ripped” the text to encourage several readings, she chose a “Polaroid” layout for some drawings, she plays on transparency and formats, in order to highlight the different layers of a personality and the meandering history.