It took us three weeks, but we have managed to reach mountains, across desert, enjoy red peppers, meet strange animals, and describe a bipolar personalities

You just need some paper and few art supplies.

Exercice 1 : Choose any object to start with…


Exercise 2 : The pepperoni Project comes to an end 


Exercice 3 : Work in progress > Mountains – Part 2



The world of crayons 

+ washings + watercolors + acryl painting


Exercice 1  > A very seldom animal 


Exercice 2 > Interpreting given words

You start by drawing given words : quiet, nervous, quick, sad…


Exercise 3 > Amazing sculptures popping up on the horizon


Exercise 4  : Work in progress : Range of mountains – Part 3 > Turning from autumn to winter 


Exercise 5 : Works in progress > The two sides of my mate



You are talented > Two of the many works that Nirja has realized at home 


Many thanks guys. You have worked a lot a produced astonishing art works. Go on exploring the plastic art language.

Season’s Greatings ! See you next year !