First steps into aryl painting


Like in Kyūdō – Japanese traditional archery art – THE WAY is what matters.

[…the goal most devotees of kyūdō seek is seisha seichū, “correct shooting is correct hitting”.  When the technique of the shooting is correct the result is that the arrow hits the target.] Wikipedia

#1 Brush strokes 



#2 Catch the instant, catch a detail 


#3 Work quick, train the gesture 


#4 The sign 

Before becoming an international recognized artist, Fabienne Verdier studied for 9 years calligraphy at the Sichuan Fine Art Institute in China (1985-2004).

Here : Saint Christopher crossing the Waters, 2011

The more powerful the brushstroke, the more alive the artwork. 







#5 Families 


Thank you guys. See you soon: we”l go on exploring the world of painting and colors.

See art, be an artist, have a great day.