Lines – Textures – Colors – Rhythms – Composition  


> Searching for textures and patterns in our close surrounding

> Transforming our photographs in colored papers to be used in a later project

> Making our own textured papers

> Interpreting an observed familiar scene


Ten minutes are enough to find hundreds of textures in our surrounding



First exercise in the studio to mobilize our knowledge and soften our hand



Creating our own textured paper sheets



About colors and composition : abstract works in progress





A video : don’t forget to put on the sound ! 

Click on the next picture to see the birth of our “Abstract Works in Progress”


The Baobabs Project: step Nr. 3

From Madagascar to another planet

Our photographs as background to produce paper sheets for collage

Research on complementary colors



Sketching each other. Quick and with confidence



Lines, textures, colors, rhythm and composition : our final works


Last words for this feedback

I’m writing you this message to let you know that c&b-Art Studio will close for a summer break.

I wish all my dear students good time and hope to see you back in the studio in fall for new art discoveries. 

Many thanks for being interested in art.